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Marijuana Truth

As compared to most drugs, Pot is the least dangerous. Pot is not an addictive drug. For those who claim it is, anything is theoretically addictive, there are some people who can become addicted to spring water.

Agriculture requires a commitment to the land and grants a stable food supply which enables individuals to form permanent settlements Truth About Cannabis Seeds. Cannabis and Neolithic bands probably arrived contact often as plants invaded the fertile clearings - the campsites roadsides, fields and garbage heaps - that occur wherever people live!

The options are endless with your safe non-life threatening medications and hardly any harmful side effects scientific advancements could be almost weekly with new real cures. The folks have spoken it isn't the place of corporations to increase profits on the people if it directly does not allow safer medications. This could allow Pharma to start moving to the holistic natural approach in hospitals. which may generate more jobs and tax revenue, states and the federal government would see another 500 billion + from off shoots of various marijuana products for commercial and medical use.


The U. S. governments own statistics show that over 75 percent of all Americans who use marijuana never use harder drugs. The gateway-drug theory is derived by using blatantly-flawed logic. Using such blatantly-flawed logic, alcohol should be considered the gateway drug because most cocaine and heroin addicts began their drug use with beer or wine-not marijuana.

The federal approach is important. It was considered at the time that the federal government did not have the constitutional power to outlaw alcohol or drugs. For the reason that of this that alcohol prohibition required a constitutional amendment! truth about marijuana In May 1999 the nation's Institutes of Health (NIH) released a policy that described the requirement for further research in to the use of marijuana for medical treatment. The NIH maintains that the use of marijuana for medical reasons must involve an research into the benefits of use along with the potential risks.

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